Records or Prizes

The word succes means different things for every single person in the world. Nowadays; while some people are searching for success by breaking records, some want major prizes instead of records. So which one represents succes better, records or prizes? It’s a bit subjective question and I’ll share my idea with some reasons.


First of all, prizes are usually given to people who became succesful by writing a nice novel, making a scientific project, acting nice in a film or singing songs with a really beautiful voice. Especially Nobel Prize is very important because of the academic value it have. Also this Nobel Prize is for people who did very beneficial things for humanity and future generations. For example the person who got Nobel Prize in 2015, Aziz Sancar, researched about “How cells repair the damaged DNA and and how can DNA can still maintain it’s genetic information” This research is very important for medical industry.


On the other hand, records are very important for a lot of people too. These records are saved by the “Guinnes World Records” and the new records are being awarded by them. But I don’t really believe that recorda are representing success of people like prizes. There are a lot of good and important records about some important fields of science. The “Guinnes Records List” consists of a lot of absurd and sometimes disgusting things. Having the biggest foot, eating the most hamburgers, keeping the most snails on head, most weight lifted by eyes and even breaking hard blocks while keeping a raw egg in your hand… These can be succes for the people who has broken these records but they don’t have any special meaning except being interesting.


To summarize, prizes are better way to award success in my opinion. Some records represent success too, but records don’t always mean success

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