Redistributed Income

The problem of imbalance in income distribution in our daily lives has become an important problem to be focused on today due to the wrong policies applied, economic and political instability. The increasing irregularity in the income distribution has also brought about the problem of poverty. So what problems can this poverty problem lead to?


Poverty seems to be a consequence, not a reason. In this sense, there is a strict relationship between income and poverty. Regional differences, political concerns, lack of equal opportunities in education and health, economic crisis, income distribution as a cause of poverty and migration, rapid population growth and spread have increased the size of the disorder. At the same time, the distribution of income affects the structure of the economy, the pace of economic growth and the distribution of employment. As for the distribution of income, the state plays an important role in the process of economic development and growth, as well as in the more balanced distribution of increased wealth. Income sharing is also a guarantee of social peace in socio-economic development.


Income is the element that best demonstrates social development. Therefore, the division of income should be fair in a society. In this case, social welfare may increase. Poverty may decrease. There may be some optimistic prospects for the future. Even the country’s foreign direct investment may increase. The volume of employment increases. Unemployment is declining. The country’s international credibility is growing.


if the sources of income are not as adequate and unfair to each person as they deserve, then people will have a lot of difficulties. For example, unemployment problems arise, most people cannot meet their needs, have debts and cannot pay them, inequality cannot be achieved because if a person with a small workforce receives income that he does not deserve, it will be unfair for other employees and he earns money that he does not deserve. At the same time, thanks to this, the state will not have a shortage of money and will provide everyone with as much income as they deserve.


I think that the state should definitely adjust the income according to the labor force. Because the most important thing in this world is peace, justice and equality. If we, can achieve this equality in the first place, we will not have problems for the rest of the cases anyway and thanks to this, everyone will be able to get the income they deserve and determine their needs accordingly. In general, this issue is extremely relevant, because the source of income has a very important place in our life. Therefore, no one steals anyone’s rights, and everyone lives with each other in a traditional way.

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