Reduce the Carbon Footprint


    Global warming affects every single people in the world. Also, deathly warming is destroying polar as well as lots of animal species. However, people are still continuing their lives as usual unbelievably. Most governments and communities are not taking action against climate change. Even some greatest countries do not agree on the world and nature is collapsing.


        As a citizen, we can do somethings by ourselves. Public transportation systems are the best way to reduce our carbon footprints. Unluckily, some cities do not have that developed or safe transportations system. In that case, bikes are lifesavers. Riding a bike is beneficial for both our health and the world. Our carbon footprints can decrease easily by riding a bike or using public transportation. These ways are better for middle-distance trips. For shorter distances, we should walk. Walking in neighborhoods makes us more energetic and less pollutant. Besides, for longer distances like between cities, it is better to use hybrid cars and electric cars. Unfortunately, those cars are not affordable for every people. The solution to this problem is fewer taxes and more financial support from governments. However, lots of governments are insensitive about this topic.


     On the other hand, we can also make little things to reduce our carbon footprint. We should be conscious of saving electricity, water. There are children who cannot find clean water the drink in Africa but still, we are wasting so much water in the kitchen or while having a shower. Most of the people are not closing lamps that are unnecessary or they do not use energy-efficient lightbulbs. Societies or NGOs can educate and inform these people on social media or with brochures. In this way, we can have more power-saved houses. In addition, we can use renewable energies in our daily life. Solar panels are not too hard to build on roofs hence, we can use solar energy for little electrical appliances in our homes rather than natural gas or coals. Since we can use renewable energy in our community, also we can change our diets a little bit. Eating too much fast food or meat is not harming only our body but the climate change. Most of the farms or factories are releasing so much methane and carbon dioxide. If we can be aware of that situation, they can be obligated to reduce their wastes. Also, we should separate our rubbishes especially ones that can be recycled. Some countries can produce energy from recycling.

    In conclusion, there are lots of actions and changes that can decrease greenhouse gases and global warming. Humankind is fighting against nature and if we win we will lose These are the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a better future for the next generation.


“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Native American proverb

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