Relax Life

I think everyone will agree that we all love holidays. Holidays are a wonderful time for spending our time comfort. We can play games, go to concerts, the theatre, the cinema and we can also swim and spend our time with our friends. On holiday we generally do not have any responsibility. However, a lot of people think that holidays are a very good opportunity for learning new things and improving themself in their free time.



Some people like to spend their holiday on a cultural and heritage tour. They think it is more important than being relaxed on holiday. They learn new things, and they also enjoy it very much. On the other hand, other people think that on holidays we have to relax at some point we are working and be tired in our daily life, so we need to get relaxed. I agree with that idea. Because we all have some hobbies and love them, so we have a right to it. For example, some people who love sports can not be interested in it because of work or school. So, I think they need to be interested in it sometimes. I would choose to travel off the coast on the South instead of spending my holiday on a cultural and heritage tour. I also find cultural and heritage tours so boring.

Everyone loves holidays and do whatever they want. Some people love spending their holiday on a cultural and heritage tour, some of them love travelling off the coast on the South, which is about the personality. If you love spending your time on new things, you can go on this kind of tour. However, if you are interested in seeing good places, you can travel off the coast to the South. I love discovering, so I have to go.

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