Bacchus, God of wine.


Does religions set us free? And if they do, how is it possible? Of course there are too many thoughts about this but which one is actually true? If I should tell what I believe in this argument, I would probably say that religions turns us into slaves. Simply when we look at our daily lives there are too many suffering people around. Okay but why? Because they’ religions and believes does not let them to be happy. We can talk about Islamic culture, at Islam’s holy book there are lots of forbidden stuff. Like what? Like they can not eat pork, they can not drink, they can not smoke, they can not be whit the ones they want. Actually I do not think that everybody can be with the ones they want to be with. Being in love is forbidden but why is it forbidden because their god made them that way. A person who has a logic can easily say that love has no gender, no race, no believe, no religion. Showing love is useless for them so this is not freedom. But freedom is not also doing everything you want. If that would be it, world will be in pain because of the all crimes that happening all around. There always be borders close to us if we stay limited with religions and believes. Some of people can think that I am trying mean that do not believe in god or religions but no, that is not it. I just wanted to talk about how I feel and how I think. At my perspective if you believe in something that would you turn into a slave by time. Also as we know everyone has their own opinion so we should respect each other.

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