Renewable Sources Fighting For Future

Before humans existed, our world was created full of life and joy. Afterward, humans are started to produce new things and they started to consume more and more sources. However, when time passed humans noticed that they are started to harm the environment and now we are facing up many problems such as global warming and climate change but the main part that we have to focus on is why we are changing our environment and how those changes are affecting humans?

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To start with, we are using different types of energies in our lives and we classify the energy sources into two categories as renewable sources and non-renewable sources. Renewable sources are the ones that can be used again and again. However, non-renewable sources are the ones that are generally obtained from fossil fuels. Plus, they are the ones which are harmful to our nature. The renewable sources include solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, and biomass. So, why do we use non-renewable energy sources instead of renewable energy sources?

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The general fact that most people think that non-renewable sources are cheaper than the other types of sources.Although, the truth is non-renewable resources can be used in many different areas of life. However, those non-renewable sources have a significant effect on our world’s climate. The gases such as carbon dioxide, methane are polluting our air. Plus, they are the main causes of lung diseases.

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Nowadays, many countries decided to use renewable sources and new climate agreements were created. Many people believe that by using renewable sources, we can reduce the negative effects of global warming by using renewable sources. I also believe in this idea because our fossil fuel supplies are decreasing day by day and it is a must to use them.

To conclude, our world is suffering from humanity and ıts gettıng older. Nowadays, because of the pandemic, nature is started to turn to its original version and if we use renewable sources, we can help our world while it is trying to repair itself.

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