Replacing Old Gadgets

We all remember old tech right? The TVs with tubes, old cassette players, walkmans, old game consoles like the SNES. Those are old technology in the current world standards. Now we have 4k ultra-thin TVs, mp3 players, and gaming consoles that are more powerful than the rocket used to land on the moon (in terms of computing power). It makes you wonder if the current technology will face the same end. Maybe we’ll have new tech to replace our current ones. We already are replacing our old gadgets and tools yearly, every year there is a new iPhone that we buy. Every year or two there’s a new graphics card that we buy to play the new games. What if we reach a point where every week there’s a new, more powerful tech that outperforms all the old ones. We don’t know what’s next? Maybe we’ll have displays that don’t need glass at all, maybe we’ll have a business card shaped television that doesn’t need any cable or power to work. Maybe we’ll have rings that project the people we are calling to have a face to face conversation.

Honestly with how fast technology develops we might have to start doing that quicker than we thought. The thing with technology is that the graph of development over time is an exponential meaning it increases every second, like a car that is accelerating but unlike a car technology can’t reach the end of the road. So technology will increase until humans cease to exist. But surely there must be an end? Well, we can say that we have aims for now. Currently our biggest goal is to reach Mars. After that? Colonise the Moon. This ties into our main question that I stated in the first paragraph. As technology develops more and more we will eventually replace the Earth to some planet with more resources and free space.

I myself can’t really say this is a bad thing. Changing technological devices ever 3-4 years is something that is mandatory at the moment. However, I see how it can be a bad thing. Changing devices creates lots of rubbish and most of the rubbish is non-recyclable. This also makes the companies produce more devices every year, creating too much that never get sold or shipped. But in the end it’s you who decides if you want that new phone or not, be smart with your purchases.

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