Report: A Visit to an Environmental Center

         The purpose of this report is to outline the environmental trip made by our club “Save the World”. I will inform you about the time and student efficiency in the activities done. The main reason of the report includes efficiency of the time and the received feedback from students. 

  To start with, the comments that students publish was generally positive. But some of the students said that the introduction part was too long and hard to understand. The first speech took a long time so some people had hard times listening it but the people that listened, took a lot of useful information from a professor and the wise old man that used to work at the world’s first environmental company.  

     We could not see all of the sections in the Center, but we looked and listened the speeches deeply. Beside these all the students were thankful that the club organised this trip. In my opinion, the trip was great and my team and I enjoyed it like our other friends. 

    As a conclusion, the trip had some little negative sides, but everybody was pleased to be there, We all had fun while walking and listening. The time and the returns were over our expectations.  

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