Report On A Nature Project


Last week we have done a nature project in our school. It has had some disadvantages as it had some advantages we have helped to create a beautiful garden in our school and at the and it came out so usefull.


We have planted so many plants such as vegetables, fruits and flowers. Some of our friends said that they should have their own section which we can label and find easily and school accepted that idea. But my favourite section was the flowers part because there were so many colorful plants.


We have learned so many things about planting and nature. We now know how to plant and take care of the plant well. But we should not ignore the fact that we were outside for a long time and it was raining cats and dogs. So we had to take a break then continue and we had to stay inside until rain slowed down. So we have frittered away our time.


It was a non zero sum game that both school and students won. We learnet about the nature and now school has a beautiful garden. But next time we should do outside projects on hot days.

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