I did not know that meeting him would change my whole life. It was the day I accepted that everything was perfect. Let’s back up little bit to month ago, that day. Many years have passed since my mother gave me to the boarding house when I was little and left me, and I had a terrible fall while trying to get my life on track, so I heard that my mother passed away. Maybe yes, you can call me absurd, even though she left me, she was my mother, I was not sad at first when I heard her, but as I thought of her, I saw myself as a different person and the destruction of my life was passing right before my eyes. My friends had organized an event to make me happy and they told me to start a job, so I accepted and started looking for a job. And I started out in a small boutique, and the owner, Aunt Hale, was the person who saved my life. With the support and harmony it gave me, we have grown our boutique and now we have a very large company and many branches.

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