Restricting Our Minds

Television, social media, the internet… If these things weren’t in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to find every single thing that we’re interested in. Of course, there are pros and cons to this opportunity. It’s a fact that they can change our mood dramatically. The news on the television that we see while having breakfast might affect the rest of our day. Moreover, their effect is so strong that they’re taking our hobbies and interests which aren’t on our screens.

If this kind of news and negativity continues to be in our lives, screen addiction will be inalienable and every passing day, we get used to this negative news. It is not just the news, it feels strange when there aren’t any issues to complain about or any person to blame. This negativity is injected into our brains through this news or posts on social media. So we spend a lot of time talking about problems and this puts the issue in a more irresolvable condition.

Although people want to know what is happening around them, they don’t do anything to change the world. Something must happen to their close siblings or friends because otherwise, the news they’ve heard just are the things to be mentioned for one day. Day by day, the number of bad news is increasing. Therefore, if the media was limited, there would be a lot of things to develop our minds instead of restricting their capacity and ability. Reading books, playing chess, socializing would be in our lives more than fake screen friends. Moreover, it reduces stress levels and anxiety which prevents us to do our best. Also, radioactivity among all electronic devices will be less effective than it is and of course, our health will be under protection. Even we can save a few years of ours.

This is not about the news, social media affects teenagers in a more damaging way compared to adults or elderly people, it destroys generally teens’ self-esteem. People started to paternalize the beautiful girl and handsome boy type. If you don’t have that features, you are counted as a shapeless person. That’s why a lot of teenagers have the TikTok application but most of them don’t post their videos due to that reason. They feel ugly compared to all other girls or boys. Attraction is measured with physical appearance.

Of course, this is not the end. Social media destroys individuality. People repeat and repeat each other for weeks, for months and when the number of views starts to fall, another thing comes out to record. This is likely to be a competition of beauty among the people otherwise they wouldn’t imitate each other again and again. So this is kind of a competition between them is to prove which one is more beautiful. If you have too many views and if you are popular, you are one of those most beautiful, most attractive girls.

The more social media destroys individuality, the more teenagers will be lack creativity and productivity. Teens need to spend time with themselves, alone sometimes. But 21st Century doesn’t let them to. They will waste time and in the future, other psychologic problems will come out because of a complex of inferiority. Consequently, stress will be a great problem, even more, maybe the greatest.

To conclude, it doesn’t matter if we see the news or not, no one behaves in a different way. Social media destroys peace and affects people’s self-trust. People should be aware of their time because our time won’t last forever.


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