A businesswoman and a businessman decide to take separate paths at a fork in the road that disappears into the haze and mist on the horizon. The scene evokes an emptiness and loneliness that is magnified by the stark and barren nature of the surroundings. The clouds above provide ample room for copy and text.

Reuniting of the Separated Roads

I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. It was Sarah. After all these years, she was in front of my door, staring at me. My heartbeat was getting higher that I thought I was having a heart attack.

Eight years before this, we met in high school. Sarah and I were in the same class for two years. She came to the school in junior year. We became close friends. She was shy, quiet and introverted at first. All she did was listen to music with her earphones. But then with time, she opened herself more to people. Especially to me.

Sarah always had wanted to be a detective. She was into solving things like mysteries, maths questions, puzzles etc. She was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and that’s why she forced me to watch it. Actually not only to watch, but she also forced me to read all of his books. And here I am as a Sherlock Holmes fan. She created the person I am right now.

We were so close in senior year. She was my best friend and I’ve thought that our friendship will last forever. Obviously, it didn’t. When high school ended, Sarah went to college to be a detective and make her dreams come true. But the program was in Germany and I was going to study medicine in the USA. It was okay though because we were gonna visit each other and be in touch as much as possible. And we did, for a couple of years. Then we slowly break away from each other.

After that, she had gone undercover as a detective and she had closed all the social media accounts she had and her telephone number. So I couldn’t find a way to communicate with her and I’ve waited for her to find me from somewhere. I wasn’t angry with her because we had started a new life and we weren’t even on the same continent.

Then here she was, in front of my door. I was totally surprised by this. Her mission ended in a year and she wanted to come back and see the people she loves. I had missed her so much that I cried while we were hugging. After all, we caught up and made a promise to always be a part of each other’s life.

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