Review of Karantina


Karantina is a Turkish mystery novel was written by Beyza Alkoç, it is a sequal. The story is about teenagers in high school. Zeynep, Burak, Mert and Onur are main characters of the story.

The school management decided to keep students in quarantine and a young girl was killed. Zeynep saw the girl then, Onur calmed Zeynep down. After that, Onur met Zeynep with his friends who are Burak and Mert. They made a plan to find the killer, they didn’t say anything about this event and started to work.

My favourite part is the last parts because everything gets confused and they don’t know what they will do. I really enjoyed while reading the book. If you read the book, I am sure that you will like this part.

I couldn’t stop reading the book and I finished it in one day. It was a fascinating and gripping story.  There were very mysterious parts.


I definitely recommend this book to everyone, it is the best book that I have ever read. The plot was wonderful so mystery lovers shouldn’t miss it



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