Review of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Isn’t nice to relax and get lost in the colorful and unreal atmosphere of a movie. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might be the star of your family movie night. It’s a movie that any age rage can like. The movie was released in the 2005. It’ s a family/ fantasy movie directed by Tim Burton. Some of the actors is Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, AnnaSophia Robb, Violet Beauregarde, Julia Winter, Helena Bonham Carter etc.

This movie is about kid named Charlie. When Willy Wonka says he put five golden tickets Charlie gets one of the tickets by luck and his adventure starts there. Let me tell you that you won’t get bored while watching it. Little oompa loompa’s like singing and this adds a joyful atmosphere to the movie.  Special effects get you in the movie while you are watching it. It is possible for you to feel the excitement of the character.

In my opinion you shouldn’t miss out this movie. It makes you laugh and also it shows the importance of family. Cast of the movie made a really good job. Usually people who don’t like this movie says they aren’t finding Johnny Deep suitable for character and he has some weird expressions. Willy Wonka is a little bit different in the book that’s right but I still like the way it is in the movie.

My final judgement about the movie is, it’s worth to see. The vibrant colors and the chocolate makes you feel safe while watching it. And the plot and the flashbacks keeps your energy always high. So go on get your friend and have fun

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