The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is a science fiction movie. This film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s book. The director of the film is Nikolaj Arcel. In the movie, Gunslingers are trying to stop man in black and protect the dark tower. The man in black is our bad guy in this film. He finds special kids and uses their power.

Roland is our main gunslinger and he is the last gunslinger. He has special powers so, man in black can’t control him. However, man in black can kill easily the other gunslingers because they don’t have special abilities as Roland. Jack is our talented kid. He is always seeing man in black in his dreams. When something happens in the other world, in Jack’s world earthquakes happen. He tries to explain this but everyone thinks that he is crazy.

One day workers of man in black find Jack and try to catch him. However, Jack ran away and found a gate to the other world. He found Roland and explained everything that he lived. After that they became a team and decided to stop man in black. Jack take Roland to his world and they bought a lot of gun. Roland was surprised because his world is to different from Jack’s world. He taught some tactics of using gun to Jack and they start off their adventure.

If you are a sci-fi/fantasy lover, this film is for you. There were to many fight scenes and they were to excited. I definitely recommend this movie. This is my favourite movie also. Everyone who I recommend this film loved it. I think you will love it too.


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