Reward For Trying Hard

It was an ordinary day at Beştepe College, it was very busy as usual, I was going to prepare more, but it had already started very fast and difficult. But even though it was difficult to work in this covid-19 period, I was determined to work. I was very tired because of the busy homework and the lesson schedule. In this way, the days followed the days and I continued my work even though I was tired. There was very little time left for the IGCSE Turkish exam, which is the only exam we will take this year, and my studies were intense. Since the exam was mostly about writing, I had to write and repeat articles from different genres to improve myself. After a few more months, it was time for the exam. On the day of the exam, I got up early in the morning and had my breakfast. My exam seemed to have gone well. After the exam was over, I felt very relaxed. I had a nice summer vacation. When the exam results were announced in December, I was a little disappointed. I learned that I got a lower result from the exam than I expected. Not being able to work so hard and not show the success I expected in the exam broke my motivation and I was very upset.

Months followed months, years and years. I somehow passed the exams and now I am in the 11th grade. I was not a very bright student and had already lost my motivation in the preparatory class. A level exams were in this year, I needed to study more and tidy myself up, but I didn’t feel like working at all. Then I read the news that a company is organizing trips abroad for students at a very affordable price. And this intrigued me. I immediately discussed this with my parents and got their approval on the condition that I do not neglect my studies. Everything had developed very quickly. On the morning of my departure, I fell asleep in the car and when I came to my senses, we had already arrived at the airport.


This trip changed my life. When I saw the advantages of living abroad, my dear, I made up my mind to live abroad. When I came back, I started to study very hard in my studies. Time passed like this until the exams. I was very excited on the morning of the exam, I immediately went to the kitchen, had my breakfast, brushed my teeth and went out. The first exam was the English exam, I think it was easy, but I had a lot of exams ahead of me. The exams somehow passed. There were a few months until the results were announced, so I rested and had a nice holiday. Finally, the day came when the results would be announced. After a few hours, the results were announced, when I saw the results, I was happier than I have ever been in my life, I got the reward of my effort.

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