Fight Club

Do you like mysterious films which leave you wondering till the end and have plot twists? If so, you absolutely need to see “Fight Club”.

The film was set in Arizona. We see the main character’s main locations. Edward Norton, as a narrator who is unnamed in the story. He has insomnia and having some trouble with his monotone life. He starts to join free helping groups and meets Marla, who is starred by Helena Bonhem Carter.

He works for an automobile company and has a journey for a meeting. He meets a man who has his own company at the flight. He is named Tyler Durden and he has his own ideas about living. The thing that made interesting him for the narrator were these viewpoints. Somehow they connect with each other and start living together. They improve each other by sharing their lives.The interesting part of it is that he knew that man very closely ,who knows, maybe from the beginning.

The gothic atmosphere created by Helena Bonhem Carter makes the film pretty more watchable. On the other hand, we have Brad Pitt and Edward Norton together in lead roles so it’s another major reason to watch this film.

This film has not a common flow which contains common characters. It contains a lot of suspense and very little details make this film so much grabbing. While you are enjoying the fine jokes, things you watch make you think a lot about life, its main purpose and the immortality of opinions. If you are into questioning life while enjoying a smartly made movie, do not miss it.

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