Rich Girl Check!!

So right now, maybe you’re like “what the heck, like what kind of a caption is this ?! Do I know it? I’ve heard it somewhere, sounds familiar!”. I actually have your answer but I ain’t tellin’ it. Go crazy!
So now, let’s move on with the meaning behind this caption. So lately on social media, there was this trend that was going on that like rich girls/boys take their phone and they make a house tour, no not really like a house I actually meant MANSION. In my opinion these people who make these house tours are really insensitive. There are poor, hungry people that are trying to survive, which these dudes just show their new Lambo with their luxury phone. That’s basically really heart breaking. Well, if I was really really rich like them, like I mean a billionaire, I would just go buy new stuff everyday. But the one cringe thing that I wouldn’t do is to show of with my mansion. If I was a billionaire, I would help poor people that are trying to survive and I would make an animal shelter for living organisms, where these people just like to show off. Even though right now, I do some of that stuff. I feed hungry dogs with leftover food without wasting it. I think you should try it to, it’s an amazing feeling. But if one day I become a billionaire, the first thing I would do is open a public school or public hospital. I know, it won’t come true but even the feeling of imagining it gives me chills.

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