Right and Wrong

Ethics is a widely used word around us, but do we know what it means and represents? Ethics is a study that discusses what is morally right and wrong. Humans have different beliefs when it comes to morals. Some believe white lies are plausible while some think of them as unacceptable. What would happen if everyone had same the morals? Would it make the world a better place?
First of all, we live in a world full of diversities. We look different from each other, we have different feelings and reactions and we have completely different personalities. So it would be more than unusual for everyone to have the same sense of right and wrong. Also, solving our problems by destroying the diversities would be highly unreasonable. Humans have always struggled with accepting others that are different from themselves and this is not due to their subjective ethics, but due to other qualities of them as a person. For instance, abortion and homosexuality are controversial topics and they create arguments and conflicts between people.
We are only talking rhetorically, we should still be a little realistic. If everyone had the same thoughts about what is right and wrong, then everyone would be if not the same, similar. Our morals affect our relationships and behaviours as well. Think of a world where everyone behaves quite similarly. It would be a quite dull and uninteresting world to live in.
Additionally, many bad things are happening in our world, because it is our nature. No one can call themself a good person without thinking about that one bad thing they have done. If we had the same, “perfect” ethics, would we even obey it? If we knew what was right and wrong, as a community, would that stop crime and make the world a better place? The obvious answer is no. Most of the time when people do wrong things, they already know it is wrong. Some people even do wrong and illegal things just for the sake of it. Ethics affect our behaviours, but not completely.
Overall, I think if everyone had the same idea of what right and wrong is the world would remain fairly the same. Maybe it would have been even a worse place because people would be uninteresting and the world would be more boring. We should respect everyone’s ideas and live by our right and wrong.

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