Rivalry Between Collective Defences

When the second world war has ended, Cold War era started. Countries needed collective defense mechanisms in order to prevent a further conflict. North Atlantic Treaty Organization or ,shortly NATO, was serving this purpose. As the time passed, even the newly founded states improved significantly and became capable of defending themselves more independently. The situation resulted as the reduction of dominance of superpowers over each other and superpowers seem to have the role of the supplier instead of just a  decisive organ with power.

Permanent Structured Cooperation or ,shortly,PESCO is an example of growing collective defence mechanism for Europe to defend all of their member-states since North Atlantic Treaty Organization does not contain all European states. As a matter of fact in later stages Permanent Structured Cooperation is a definite problem to the trans-atlantic well-being. Although North Atlantic Treaty Organization thinks that countries with capabilities is good and contradictory problems will not occur between two organizations because of North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s stance. I believe that North Atlantic Treaty Organization is aware of its value to its member-states so does not have any insecurities. However, nowadays, with the stance of United States and the willingness of European Union for independency is the future obstacles in the way of enlargement or development of North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


European countries are mostly in need of help from others and the whole point of European Union is this but European Union needs a military forces to be comprehensively protected, which North Atlantic Treaty Organization can provide without further improvements. Since North Atlantic Treaty Organization is capable of protecting best for European Union countries to do is to make Permanent Structured Cooperation a sub-committee or a sub-organization under North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Hereby, a commission of European Union states will be able to pursue its goal. Not only European Union countries will be protected and surely will feel safer, but also North Atlantic Treaty Organization will gain the support of most of the Balkan countries and can get an advantage geographically.

Permanent Structured Cooperation becoming a commission is not only going to have the result of stronger Europe, it will also show the benefit of unity amongst North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states. Ultimate decision is up to discussion and belongs to the Alliance and member states however it is my belief that the optimum solution is to form an altered commission or partnership which specifies the prioities.

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