Road Friend Despair

It’s Tuesday. I was playing hide and seek with my father. My father suddenly appeared in front of me and told me he had a job. I didn’t find it strange because my father sometimes has a week’s work or not, and I stay with my uncles during this time, but now I have been with my uncles for about 7 years, or rather my aunts, because my uncle passed away three years ago, I was hoping that my father would come at his funeral, but he was not even there. I was very curious, I was twenty years old, but my curiosity still continues on the first day he left me.

One day I asked my aunt if there was anything left from my father and she said it was a wallet. I excitedly took the wallet from my aunt. My aunt said it was time for this wallet to be mine, now all that was left of my father was mine. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it. As soon as I saw that address, I was filled with the hope of seeing my father again, but the address was too far, my aunt’s condition was not enough, I would have to work a little, I was a university student, I was entitled to work, I found a part-time job, I worked there for a month, but there was an hourly salary, so I started working as soon as I came from school. Although I didn’t have much, I had enough to find my father and go to that address.

My aunt’s consent was already there, I offered her to come, but she said that I was alone on this journey. I set out early in the morning, my way was to Seattle, but I lived in Portland. My road is about three hours by car, but I didn’t have a means of transportation like a car, so I had to go by train, which took about four and a half hours. My journey was like a straight train ride, I didn’t experience anything abnormal.

By the time I reached Seattle, I had booked a hotel and rested and recharged. I had set off the day before, and went to the address written on the paper. I went to the address and knocked on the door of an old building, it was a villa, not an apartment. An old woman appeared from inside, and I asked her if she knew my father’s name. He told me he was the old seller of this house. I asked him where I could find him now. He told me that he was going to move to England with his wife. That’s when I blacked out, that’s when I hated my father! It was undoubtedly true that my father left me and I had neither the money to return to my aunt nor the money to hold on to life here… 

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