Road to Success, Teamwork

Ringelmann effect explains that ” Once the number of members in a group increases, productivity decreases.” Opposingly, our ancestors stated that ” One hand has nothing, two hands create sound.” Which one can we rely on?

If a group has many members, the work will finish more quickly and untroubled. Additionally, more ideas and feedback will be given to perfect the project. This adds more objectivity and perspective to it. Fewer members equal more effort and pressure on the team.

When a group has few members, they have more work on their back, which will end in it being poorly done. It’ll include fewer opinions, diversity.

I stand with our ancestors on this topic. Personally, I would prefer working with more members on a project. Having further opinions about a topic is always more reliable. Including different perspectives on it adds a public eye to our work.

For example, after watching a movie, we see a list of all the people who took part in the making of the film. It usually takes minutes for it to end. Movies with the most number of crew are Iron Man 3 with 3,103 crew members – Avatar with 2,984 – The Avengers with 2,718 – and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with 2,709. Notice how all of them are commonly known and liked?

People have different talents and professionality. Some of them have impressive drawing skills while others have the ability of singing. Large crews in movie making, cover the different branches of skills needed. There are directors, a screenwriter, an editor, a group of makeup artists, costume designers and etc.

Imagine if only 50 people tried working on all the elements of the film. It would have been chaos as they tried to do more than one duty. Instead of perfecting one, ending up with improperly done work.

From personal experience, I have always found it easier when working with a large group. When everybody had their own work to cover, I focused more on polishing mine. Also took ideas and feedback from my group members to improve my product.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”




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