Beştepe Koleji

Road to success

   In the year 2021, I registered to Beştepe College and entered the school. I was very excitedly waiting for the schools to open, and I was happy. New lessons, new teachers, a new friendship and new things
   I got my bag ready on the first day of school and I'm going to school confused. I'm confused. I don't know where to find a new school class. And since everyone didn't know each other, everyone was quiet in the first week 
of school, but our class bonded and formed a good friendship from the first day.Of course I was very happy about that. Just as I was finishing the first month at noon, something called a blog post came up in my mind:
Questions such as what to do, what to write, where to send it, etc. My teachers and friends supported me and helped me. After sending the blog post from the site, we waited for the teacher to give a grade. Even though 
I knew how hard it was to achieve success in this school, I thought I would do it before school started, but I realized that it is a school where success is very difficult to achieve, but I completed my homework in the first 
month of school, but when I got to the 2nd month, all of my hands were broken and I could not hold it again sometimes, I could not do it again, homework are lessons. When I said it was a blog post, we had survived the
2nd month, but now I tried to keep my morale high even though I knew that the parents' meeting would go very badly. Although my father helped me a lot with my homework and lessons, I was having a hard time.
But this was the end, I promised to improve my homework and exam grades by working really hard. After my homework continued for 2 weeks, homework, exams and blog accumulated.I didn't know that I would take the 
exam, it was time for the exam and the teachers kept giving homework without decreasing the homework. But there was something in the afternoon. The road to success was through difficulties. By the way, my dream 
was a good university in England. The date of the first math exam after the parent meeting had been set. I have a lot more to study. I studied all day and I was ready to solve whatever question you put in front of me. 
The last lesson is grammar and I'm solving a math exam in my mind. For a second, I immediately packed up and went back to the lesson. After the lesson was over, the exam started. At first, I looked at how many 
questions there were on the subject I was studying, and half of the exam I completed 1 question behind and in front of the subject I was studying, and I did 4 questions in the afternoon. The exam was over and I was 
wondering about my grade, I was happy because I was good at solving questions. I wanted to finish this school by getting good grades in all classes from this school. When I first started at this school, I thought it was
really, really difficult, and actually I thought right, but because I was not used to these difficulties, I fell a little further behind my friends. I was happy when I saw success accompanying me.

      Beştepe College is a very difficult school for someone who doesn't know how to be tough and enduring. Even though it seems impossible and distant at first to achieve success, you have to endure it.
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