Since technology is developing, humanity is coming up with new ideas. Today, many companies are focusing on a brand new technology that will improve and facilitate our lives. So, what is that technology, and how it is going to make our lives easy?

Robots are the newest inventions of the 21st century. The robot is an automatically operated machine that replaces human effort though it may not resemble human beings in appearance or perform functions in a humanlike manner. Nowadays, we started to use robots in different parts of our jobs. Some robots are used in the army and most of them are used in factories. Now, it is time to discuss whether robots are beneficial or harmful for future jobs.

I, Robot”: What Do Robots Dream of? | Film Quarterly

The first and foremost advantage of having robots in workplaces is their cost because robots are much cheaper than humans and their cost is now decreasing. In addition, It’s a fact that we cannot compare human abilities with robots. They are more precise than humans and versatile moving parts are helping them in performing tasks with more accuracy than humans.

What happens when the robots take our jobs? | TED Talks

On the other hand, since robots are increasing the efficiency in many businesses, they are also increasing the unemployment rate. Because of robots, human labor is no longer required in many factories and manufacturing plants. Plus, Robots may have Artificial Intelligence but they are certainly not as intelligent as humans. They can never improve their jobs outside the pre-defined programming because they simply cannot think for themselves. In terms of cost, robots are sometimes expensive to maintain and they cost a lot to repair.

Robotlar İşimizi Elimizden Alır Mı? - Sinirbilim

I believe that robots will be useful for our future. However, humans are also essential for jobs since robots aren’t able to do some tasks well. In addition, programmers will be needed to repair and reset the robots which are positive for human labor at work.

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To conclude, I believe that by the year 2050, we will be using robots in our works and after some time if we didn’t take robots seriously they will destroy our job requirements and needs…

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