Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto In D Major, Op.35- I. Allegro moderato… It is one of the classics, immaculate. And now I’m on the stage as the concertmaster. The overwhelming heat of stage light on my skin, hearing every note while my fingers turn them into a pleasing melody. As I was focusing on playing exquisitely my focus shifted to him. Akihiko.


‘Akihiko! I’m home.’ He didn’t reply. I was expecting to hear Akihiko playing the drums when I get in but it was so hushed. I walked downstairs just to see his muscular body laying on our bed. ‘Are you gonna sleep without even praising my concerto?’ As I was going away from there to put my stuff, a hand touched my shoulder. I could feel Akihiko’s breath on my neck. I put the stuff in my hand down and glanced towards him. He lifted my chin with his fingers delicately ‘You looked so handsome on stage’ After those words his soft lips were on mine. I questioned ‘Why can’t I just hate him?’


The first time I have seen him was at a violin competition, he was placed second. He looked so exquisite also his Brahms was excellent. In the summer I had just transferred to Akihiko’s school, he became my first friend. After we met, Akihiko abandoned the violin. For some reason, I could feel that he was envious but he also pitied me. 

It has been a week since I have seen Akihiko. Today he’ll be performing in one of the ‘amateur bands ​​contest’ with his band. I doubt if I should go watch the performance or stay home. I think I should go and see him play. I left the house, since the concert hall was close to where I live I decided to walk there. After a 15 minute walk, I was at the front door of the concert hall. It was so crowded. I go through the door just to see more people. I made my way through the crowd and walked towards the stage. There was another band on stage and after that band Akihiko and his band, Given will be on stage. They were finally on the stage. Their bassist, Haruki. I think he is his new love interest. After their performance came to an and I left the concert hall. Their new song gave me chills. While I was walking back to my house I heard someone’s footsteps behind me. They were Akihiko’s footsteps. ‘Hey, Ugetsu!’ he scream while he grabbed my hand. ‘I’m sorry for how much I have hurt you over the years. Thank you for everything.’ I kept staring at the other side ‘I’ll be rooting for you.’ He kept holding my hand ‘I get it, so could you just let go?’ He let my hand go and he walked back to the concert hall. I could feel my eyes tearing. I turned back towards the way Akihiko went. Tears were running down my cheeks and my vision became blurry.

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