If I had known what was going to happen to me I wouldn’t have picked up the phone. I was alone in my house. Then, I decided to study. After I worked one hour, I gave a break. I was bored of studying and I decided to go my friend’s house. I called him and he said that you need to come my house right now. I was afraid of it but I had to go there because he need help. When I knocked the door, the door opened by my friend. I asked him what happened and he said that he was just scared of something . I was relaxed. After that, we played some games, Then, my mum called and asked me to come home but when I checked my phone what did I see?. I had a massage from state they said the sun will burst in one minute. I was so scared that I called my mum but we just had 10 seconds. After that, I fainted and I just heard the sound of an ambulance. But when I woke up I understood that it was just a lie.

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