Safer Place to Live

In all of the countries there should be a safe place for people to live in.  If there is no safe place then the people who live there would start to migrate. Because without safety people can’t sleep properly can’t work properly. For example think of yourself in a room with murderers or thiefs can you work enough or efficiently. For me the answer will be no. So basically a safer place would affect better the environment that you spend your time in.  For this safe place government created a place called prison. But prisons cannot always provide safety so that maybe decreasing the crime rate would be more sufficient.


How to decrease the crime rate?

1- Use and Expand Drug Courts: Drug courts, which combine judicial supervision with  substances abuse treatment, are rapidly gaining popularity as a tool to combat crime and drug use. Based on a five-year study, people found that people who took part in drug courts had lower relapse rates and committed fewer additional crimes, such as selling drugs and driving while intoxicated . Forty-nine percent of drug court participants reported committing new crimes, compared with 64 percent of non-participants.


2-Make Use of DNA evidence: By vastly improving our ability to identify and arrest suspects, DNA evidince has the potential to be a powerful crime-fighting resource. Our research shows that the use of DNA evidence  in burglary cases leads to the identification and arrest of twice as many suspects as traditional investigation tactics. DNA also helps serve justice: we found that DNA testing can provide evidence to support the exoneration of as many as 15 percent of convicted sex offenders.


3-Help Ex-Offfenders Find Secure Living-Wage Employment: Securing a well-paying job can help returning prisoners remain crime-free once they go back to their communities. Our studies found that the more they earned during the first two months following their release, the lower their chances of returning to prison. Those who earned over 10 dolar an hour, for example, were half as likely to return to prison as those whose hourly wages were less than 7 dolar.



4-Monitor Public Surveillance Cameras: The recent events in Boston have demonstrated the crucial role public cameras can play in investigations of high-profile criminal acts. Our research found that cameras can also be a cost-effective means of preventing crime. In Chicago, every dollar spent on cameras yielded over 4 dolar in savings in court costs, incarceration, and pain and suffering associated with prevented crimes. Cameras are most effective when there are a sufficient number of them and they are monitored by trained staff.



5-Connect Returning Prisoners To Stable Housing: Access to stable housing can dramatically reduce crime committed by former prisoners. Our evaluation of the Returning Home-Ohio (RHO) program found that released prisoners who were connected to housing services were 60 percent less likely to return to prison. These individuals also spent more time in the community before being re-arrested.


To conclude these are some of the ways to decrease the crime rates in total. So that people will feel more safe in their own environment and as I mentioned before being and feeling safe could change your whole life.

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