Safest But Disastrous Energy

World’s cleanest energy type it is. Maybe dangerous, maybe poisonous. But it is clear that nothing else is so that tremendous.

Nuclear energy can be the most discussed energy type all over the world. Most of the people think that utilizing nuclear energy produces only 1 result: Death. However, those people still don’t know the reality and how they are wrong.


What is the safest form of energy

This chart is showing the safety and cleanliness of energy sources and among greenhouse gas emissions nuclear energy is the least with 3 tonnes and the 3rd safest among death rates.


It all started at 1798. Martin Klaproth discovered the 92. element uranium which was named after the planet Uranus. Nuclear energy technology continued to enhance over the centuries after Klaproth’s discovery. In 1940’s it is started to the experiments to use nuclear energy is an energy source.


Nuclear energy mainly works with radiation’s help. Radiation is mainly the emission of energy as subatomic particles which cause ionization. This explanation may have confused you but there is no easier way to explain this because radiation topic is so scientific that I won’t go that deep. There is a tool that measures radioactiviy. Geiger counter. And its measurement unit is CPM (counts per minute). A normal radioactive stone for example uranium-235 stone makes maximum 10000 CPM which is very very low. Radiation has another unit too. It is (μ/m)Sv/h. This unit show how much a living tissue exposed to radiation.

When you look into this chart you can see standard radiation readings in sievert (Sv) unit. For example, eating a banana causes 0.1 μSv. So, you must eat 10000000 bananas in the same time to take 1 Sv dose which may lead to serious problems later. But don’t worry, you can’t eat 10000000 bananas in the same time and it don’t has so much that catastrophic results. However, when you look to red boxes, you can see the destructive results. 400 mSv is causing symptoms of radiation poisoning which is 4/10 Sv. 2 Sv leads to radiation poisoning which may cause to fatal injuries. At 4 Sv the danger is too deadly but you can still survive only with the treatment. At 8 Sv there is no chance. You cannot survive even with treatment. Lastly, Chernobyl reactor explosion. When you stay 10 minutes nearby the reactor core just after the explosion you get 50 Sv for 10 minute. Think it is 5 Sv for 1 minute. You think about the consequences in Chernobyl and what happened to the stuff who were working there.

Death rates from energy production per TWh - Our World in Data

This chart is showing the death rate of energy production. Even the results of nuclear disaster is so much catastrophic then the others, the death rate it is only 0.07% until now. So, you don’t have to worry about the results occurred by nuclear energy production. Nuclear energy can be one of the best ways to produce energy without harming the environment. Even it has unhealthy aspects be sure that scientist still work on nuclear power plants so that an accident like that won’t happen again.






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