Same Age Different Times

Everybody wants a time machine because you can solve the problems which are in the past with the time machine.  That’s one of the good sides of the time machine. There are also bad sides to using the time machine. Just as we can disrupt the order and harmony in our lives. If there is no harmony and order in our lives, everything can be ruined. For example, think about you go to the day the first human was born. And something goes wrong then the first person in the world dies. So at the same time, the whole people in the future die too.  Thus it would be as if humans never existed.



Although these bad sides of the time machine, I want to use the time machine. In my opinion, there is no problem if you use the time machine well and use it with patience there will be no harmful things. After all more haste, less speed(proverb). Anyway, if I were to go to a time I would go to the future first. If I’m happy and rich in the future, it means that I don’t need to time travel anymore. In my opinion, to be rich and happy is very crucial. On the contrary, if I’m poor and unhappy or just poor, that’s a reason to go back in time and find out where I went wrong. Whenever it was, I would go to that time to change my future situation for the better.




So actually there is no specific time that I want to go using the time machine. Whenever I was or was going to be happy and rich, I would go to that time. Just kidding aside, it’s enough for me to be happy, after all, money is not everything. Anyway, of course, while doing these things, I should also take care not to disturb the harmony and order in the world, just as I mentioned above. By the way, it suddenly occurred to me that if I have to go to a certain time, I would look at the answers to the questions in the university exam and the answers to all my midterms and I come back.

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