Same Issue Another Century

For centuries, women have always been underestimated by “superior males”. Males have always given women a hard time in society. One of these hard times was of course The Victorian Era. In The Victorian Era, the only job expected from women was to marry and do whatever pleased their husbands. Even now there are some serious struggles when it comes to women being equal to men. But back in that time, the circumstances were even harder for women to live joyfully. If you’d ask me I do not think that women have joyful lives even now and that is an issue we must work on to make it one of our main concerns nowadays.

The victorian era was an era that was ruled by androcracy. Women had no choice but to obey males’ rules. Otherwise, their life would be taken away. But Virginia Woolf, British feminist and writer, had a soul that wouldn’t shut itself just because males said so. She was a pioneer of early 20th-century feminism. Her body was a prisoner but her soul never was. She poured her thoughts and soul into her writings. “As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” she said in one of her writings. There is no certain answer for the meaning of this quote but I think what she meant is that women’s solidarity knows no national boundaries. Women do not consider women from other countries any different. War is a really strange thing. Nationality is not important if you are a woman in a war. It’s even worse if you are a soldier. %90 per cent of women soldiers have been sexually assaulted by their own nation’s soldiers. Virginia Woolf was also sexually assaulted by her step-brother and she struggled with some severe mental issues that led to her suicide. How possible can it be, for a person who believes that the world is being dragged towards hell every day, to hold onto life?

All things considered, I agree with the quote by Virginia Woolf because we as women, we gotta stick together somehow. It’s not about discriminating it’s about how we can protect ourselves from men. And if it was about discriminating against men since men put through women so much I don’t think ethics would be enough to stop our grudge. We struggle with the same issue for centuries isn’t it time that we find a way to conclude this?

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