Same Old Song

Waiting for the class to be over, he glazed the clock at the damp wall that was almost dripping water; he decided not to check the time as it was not passing. He tried to listen to the teacher who was telling God knows which subject, however, since his somnific voice in this rainy melancholic day, he got lost in the deepest places in his mind. From trying to remembering the last thing he ate to complicatedly question his existence, he took a little trip among the streets in his mind palace.

The time not passing, his thoughts flowing spontaneously at lightning speed, the old teacher talking, the birds shouting and fluttering, back side gossiping while having a miniature feast, every single tiny detail was exactly the same as the other boring days of his 17 year- life. The room was getting colder and colder every following second until she touched his shoulder. “Do you mind giving me a pen?” she said with her soft witchy voice. His all body suddenly got warm and shivers went up from his spine.

He hated touch. Disgusted. Offended. Cold. Helpless. Afraid. Agrised. Memories, flashes would run in his mind each time he felt human touch. They were not certain, familiar or close yet not so far, ambigous and unfamiliar. There was one thing he truly held hatred towards, and that was touch, intimacy in and kind. Nevertheless, at that moment, for the very first time it was not cold, terrifiying, threatening, triggering and disgusting. It just was unexpected in every way. Everyone knew that he was the weirdo who hated people sitting next the window at the back row and does not communicate in and way with others, physically or verbally, so who was this sick person daring to get in touch with him. Unexpected because it only made him surprised and caused a tiny little sweet panick in his body.

She poked him one more time and called out for him for the second time. He turned around bewildered and looked at her eyes reminding immense forests with its deepest green and softest brown blended with the noble tone of honey yellow. Her dark black hair running down to his body from his shoulders and her tan skin showing she was from heaven and hell at the same time. Keeping it cool, he reached out to his case and gave her a pen with promptness and smiled with an irresistable smile.

Just then he realised something that seems distant and impossible may become imminent and possible suddenly

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