Same Person Different Country

In world, if someone wants to improve themselves they need to work hard. It is same on groups, societies, communities and countries. As we think they are 208 different countries on Earth it is nearly impossible to determine a same work hour. So what decides the work hours?

Actually psychology is the key thing here. If you are in a society that everyone works hard for their nation, you will adapt to it. Lets think about the example on topic, example between Japan and Finland. Japan is known for their love in progress and technology.  Of course it is a generalization but people in Japan loves working. They work in disciplined ways and they make quality results. We all know about human rights but I think it is not the important thing here, if hard-working people dont want to work they can stop it easily. If they are working in bad conditions, long work times, in poverty and they work in these conditions by forced they can complaint it to the establishments to solve problems. People are working more than 80 hours because they want to (in general). But it is not the same on developing countries topic changes directly on that. Take a example on a poor country on Africa. On that side people must work 100 hours for food. Yes, Japan also have some samples like that, people in very bad debt or other stuff. But in one side people works hard because they want to, they like working, they like earning more, they want to be popular, they want to be succesful. But on other side, people work on bad conditions (even ways that violates human rights) for just to live on. The money they earn for working all day just dollars, sometimes less than 10 dollars. But they dont have nothing to do. They are waiting help but lots of times that help does not come.

It is impossible to set a same working time on world. Countries aint same how can be working times? Also there are people need to work hard, they choosed that job. I support 100 percent to intervent the conditions that consuming the worker itself, makes world a bad place for them. For summary, working hours is not a topic that can be same on every place in Earth. People will choose the better life style for them, working hard for nearly all day or work less and give importance to other things.


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