Save their lives

Nowadays there is an argument about if cosmetic products should be tested on animals or not. Is it ethical to jeopardize those lives?
As a current development, on 11 March of 2013 using animals for testing was banned by the European Union. A large proportion of animal experiments in the EU are reported to cause ‘moderate’ or ‘severe suffering’ to the animals – according to the researchers who carry them out. Some experiments lead to the death of animals that are a part of the test. As an example, regulatory tests for botox, vaccines and some tests for chemical safety are the main causes of the animals’ death.


As opposed to this, China still prefers to make animal testing obligatory and be deaf to worlds voice. They suggest that those cosmetic products include chemicals and they have to be tested before they are used.  Moreover, they said that they cause uncertain effects on people if they are not tested before they are released to the market.

In my opinion, chemicals can be tested on tissues that made by genetic engineers; in this way we can preclude the deaths that result in those experiments.

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