Saving The Future

Humans have harmed the world more than ever past few years. We, as humans, generally just think about ourselves when it is about surviving and having a sustainable life. The problem here is that humans harm the world as they try to create a more sustainable, easier life. We must ask that, was it worth it? How can humanity reverse what they have done to the world, or at least find a way to save their future? There are two main ways to do that, exploring outer space or focusing on the recent issues about the world and solving them.

Exploring outer space has some pros and cons for humankind. Firstly, it can be said that exploring space is an expensive and time-consuming action to take against all the issues that humankind is coping with recently. Investing a high amount of money and time is needed to explore outer space might be the only reason for humans not to do explore space. Additionally, working out of the world is something that a normal citizen cannot help, which makes it harder to get help from other people and makes it impossible to speed up the action. However, working on exploring outer space and finding a new planet to live on is a lifesaver for the whole of humankind. This means a new start, a white page after all the history that is made on the planet earth. Humans may be learned their lessons and they may be more careful about their surroundings.

Focusing on the current issues of the world may be the solution to reverse what humankind has done to their own home. Trying to solve issues such as light, air, water, and sound pollution might be the key to making the world a better place. It is not as expensive as the space projects and easier to work on since the action is going to be taken on the planet earth. Moreover, it is easy to get help from any person when it is needed. With the help of the internet, charities, societies, and governments can be scheduled to work on this action.

To sum up, the idea of exploring outer space is such an expensive and time-consuming action to take when it is compared with coping with the world’s recent problems which are created by the humans themselves. Considering that it is easier to act on the recent problems, instead of exploring outer space, focusing on the recent problems of the world is a better option for humankind.

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