The concept of loneliness is often exaggerated. Why are you staring at them as though they’re pitiful? A popular child can also be a lonely individual as a blithe child can be sad. This sentence appears to be absurd, doesn’t it? No, it isn’t; it’s only that you are ignorant to the world’s true misery. The happy child simply choose to conceal their pain. Take a glance at their smile; it’s the only thing you need to be sorry for.

Why is it that a lonely child has no friends? Perhaps they find it exhausting, don’t want to care about anyone, or don’t believe they can be understood. Perhaps they’re thinking about something and want to be alone. Just don’t ask something such as, “Are they thinking of something for 7/24?“.  There are a variety of reasons why they don’t have any friends or don’t want any friends, for example; they may be terrified of being criticized.

Can’t be loneliness good? There is no lie, no scam, maybe they don’t want to keep up with this chaos. Can’t they want a peaceful life?

Humans are cruel, that is our reality in this damned world. Don’t even try to say, “ Are all peoples need to be bad?”, don’t get offended but my answer is yes, all humans need to be bad, look carefully at my sentence, why I did use the word need? Imagine a people that try to save nature,  she or he just tries to conceal the harm that people do at the nature before. We bornt with evilness in our heart, some people choose to hide it, someone selects to sell their soul to evilness without thinking twice.

I talked about two different people, as your thought two different people, not my thought, therefore we can talk more generally. Please take a look at your friends, someone else, family members, do you truly believe that they are like this for 7 days a week? Maybe they are acting differently when they are near to you, can’t be? You just need to know that we are not like this when we are individuals, you too. Consider yourself: do you actually act the same way all day? We have a mask named smiling.

Do you ever write an “ I’m good ” message even tho you are not? Probably your answer is yes. That’s it, it’s really easy to wear our “I’m good” mask. This mask can show itself like; acting for hours or just saying a word. It looks so simple, isn’t it? Just saying two words when you are dying inside. Just saying this and knowing that you are not, really hurts. There is nothing to do, everyone has a mask. Cause they told us to be silent, cause they silenced us. The world silenced us.

This is a little play, our life is a little game but we had our hands bound, our voices hushed, and our eyes closed. The game is already started, good luck.
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