I go to school every day and I have many friends there. I like school a lot and I love to spend time there.
My school has some rules. Rules are the most important things for every school.
First of all, you have to come to school evry day if you want to study well and have good results. 
There is also a dress code in our school. It’s not very strict, but all of us have to wear purple sweatshirt or blue pants, some special blazer. I think it is ok, but sometimes I want to wear something else!
Also it’s not really allowed to wear earrings.
And we are not allowed to shout and run at the school corridors. We have a teacher who has to keep an eye on us ◕‿◕

We should not break the rules, such as we shouldn’t speak with someone when we are working in the class.
It’s not hard to follow our rules. These rules can teach us to be patient and respectful. If we do these things, we know that we will be healthy and disciplined people.
Of course not everyone can follow all the rules. Some children run around because it is funny!

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