Schrodinger’s Vaccine, Life And Every other thing You Could Dream of

We are all humans, designed to do human things. Waking up, going through the day and facing everyday problems only to wake up at the same time tomorrow morning. Life may get depressive if you ignore what’s happening inside your brain. As humans, we adore to think. We think about the future until there is nothing left to deduct. We think about the past until it starts haunting us today. We especially love to exploit the chances of the future. The idea of something unlikely to happen or nearly impossible coming true astonishes us. Our whole existence’s continuity depends on us acknowledging everything that has happened in the past and toying with the possibilities to make ourselves a tad bit more prepared for what is to come. But if you dig deeper, you’ll see that these things would happen if we were some ‘’ideal’’ people living ‘’ideal’’ lives in an ‘’ideal’’ world. But unfortunately, no. Reality is much more complicated than that. Just like how we like to explore the future, we also annihilate it with our negative thoughts. So often, we find it easier to say ‘’impossible’’ and eliminate a significant amount of our options without a second thought. But is it really impossible? Think again.

The past is a vast place. So vast ,in fact, most things get lost there. If you’ve ever looked at something your past self has written you’ll understand that their reality is much different compared to what you have now. Maybe you got lucky and made their hopes and dreams come true. Maybe your past self had it easy and what you are dealing right now would overwhelm them. What I’m trying to say is you won’t ever know what the future holds until it unfolds before your eyes and ages you in the process. Think of the first election in which women had a say, the first train that could ride over 50 m/s, the first time a heavier-than-air plane flew, the first day the ground rose to reach ones feet. Those have all come true, then why is your mind so persistent to think that your impossibilities are dead-ends? Basically, you are a sufferer of the 1918 Spanish Flu, almost 22 years before the vaccine, thinking that it is the cul-de-sac for humanity. Impossible to survive, right? Think again.

Schrodinger's cat is a depressive concept but when thought about in a hopeful manner, it becomes encouraging.We have to see ourselves from such a distance and angle that we could seem too small to know about the future and big enough so we could feel strong enough to make a difference in the flow of life. Your everyday life may consist of things that seem impossible but that’s just your mind trying to deceive you. Millions of years of evolution and this is the point where we are as of right now. Our minds have evolved so far that we almost lose future while planning or abolishing the best options just because their chances are low. So stop perplexing and beating yourself. You can be the protagonist of the best story with a great ending. Unless you invent a time machine ( again, very possible) you shouldn’t banish the best parts of the future.  Everything exists in a constant state of half coming true half being impossible until the unprecedented result ends it all.Now go be that person you want to be.  Remember the Spanish Flus vaccine. Impossible, you said? Think again.

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