Science Fiction-ish Life On Mars

Moving all the stuff we would need and going to the Mars in at least 10 years later from now! Crazy I guess. But it got me thinking about the reasons we are moving all our needs and ourselves to Mars out of the blue. Well, it is not actually out of the blue because we have been annihilating the Earth for a while. What I mean for a while is actually means for so many decades to be honest.

The thing that we all should be thinking about is must be the answer of “Is moving to Mars going to solve our problems?”. Speaking on my behalf I would say “No.” as an answer. Why would I say no?

As a matter of fact, moving our habitat is just a way to escape from our masterpiece.

Yes, I said masterpiece considering what we did to Earth. Earth is our masterpiece. We ruined it, we burned it, we cut it and now we are suffocating in our own mistakes and we are trying to escape from our faults. Is that really the solution? Not really. We are absconding the tower of our mistakes, it is not a solution. Because the problem is not Earth, leaving it would not change anything about us and our behaviour towards our planets.

Let’s think about a scenario where we move to Mars and in a few billion years it will be destroyed by human kind and then what? Are we going to move to another planet? Maybe we can develop in science and technology and some sort of stuff like them in order to evolve but still it will take years to move our belongings to another planet again.


Another thing that concerns me is the limit. Thinking about it deeply made me realize the fact that not everyone is going to make it to Mars, which means we have to be eliminated in some way in order to go to Mars. Because first of all, it will cost too much to take all the people up in the sky and build them territories to live or survive by all means. We will spend a year in a space shuttle which should be able to maintain all our needs so it will cost a fortune. Like in the science fiction movies! But taking all the people who are living on Earth to that shuttle?

As a conclusion I say, moving to Mars in 10 years is not rational and easy yet it is hard and almost impossible, but let’s all hope for the best on the behalf of humanity!


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