Science Schools For Future

   Would you like to go to a school that done for not educate students about such lessons but science? Elon Musk has criticized America’s educational system on several occasions, but instead of just criticizing and making complaints about it, he got down to business. His new gifted school is housed on the SpaceX campus in California. The school is called ‘Ad Astra’, which means ‘to the stars in Latin, it was established in 2014. It hosts 40 students ‘mostly…identified as gifted or highly gifted’, currently aged 7-14. This kind of school expansion would be beneficial. Because learning science is really important from now on and for science  

   Ad Astra Academy is a unique education, outreach, and development project that brings the excitement of exploration to students in some of the most underserved regions of the world. Students study Artificial Intelligence, applied science, coding, and the design of many things, mainly the creation of robots. So the world will benefit from students who go to this kind of school and receives specifically education more than most other school students.  

   These include thinking about interplanetary ethics and design, as well as ‘big thinking’ closer to home. Initial admissions are from more than 100 children moving to 70 applications, with just 10-12 of these accepted. And I believe there are more children who can add so many things to our world. As you know working on science and space will be so needed in the future because of drought, disasters, famine, and disruption of ecological balance that may happen to us. If we expand this kind of school, children would be more interested in science and there could be more children who will get into this kind of school. And the world will have a chance to save itself in the future thanks to these people and students who are advancing in the light of science. 


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