One day I was just trying to sleep. But then I felt something like, fire… I felt like someone or something was burning inside me, inside my skin, inside my skeleton. I was about to close my eyes and then I saw that: the dragon symbol. It looked like a tattoo, but it was impossible to make a tattoo like that in 3 seconds. It was not that big but not that small, either. It was the same symbol of Mortal Kombat. A character whose element is fire. It was the Scorpion. They have chosen me as the Scorpion. I jumped off the bed and tried to find my biggest enemy. And actually, they have chosen him as Subzero. In Mortal Kombat universe, everyone is hostile to each other. But each character has a big enemy. Such as Scorpion and Subzero. I grabbed a chain and combined it with a knife. We had a huge fight. Both of us were injured but I was stronger than him. His element was ice, mine was fire. I just thought simple and threw a fireball. It was not that strong, because I was injured more than him. But it had enough power to kill him and it did what I thought. But all of a sudden,I woke up and said, “Maaan, that was a dream!” I was about to eat my breakfast when I felt something like fire, just the same as my dream.

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