Hello,my name is Jane and I don’t like scary things but my friend Daisy likes it so much. I don’t know but that’s OK. Nevermind. She called me and told me that she wanted to go to a scary house. First i said ‘No’ but she begged me, then i said ‘OK, fine. I’ll come, but if I get scared so much we’ll go home, OK?’ and she just said ‘OK’ and she hung up the phone.

So we went there. I wasn’t feeling good but I tried not to show anything. Daisy’s eyes were shinig. I was surprised because I never saw her like this and that much happy. Then we went inside the scary house. There was no light there and no electricity. I just went on my way and Daisy was looking around. So Daisy was behind me. I stopped and looked from my back, Daisy was not there. I wanted to scream, I was all alone. Just as I was about to walk away from there, a hand touched my shoulder. I screamed so loud. I looked my back but no one was there. I thought it was Daisy and I shouted ‘Daisy if it is you, that’s not funny. You know I don’t like getting scared.’ And nobody even talked, there was no sound –  I mean you could hear a mosquito flying around. Nevermind, I just started to walk out and Daisy was not there. So I got inside again and went to the place  that I screamed. I heard footsteps and I turned so fast. I saw Daisy. She was the one who scared me!

We went outside and started to go home. We stopped somewhere and we had our dinner there and we told our moms not to give us lunch again. And then we went home and slept because it was 10.00 o’clock.

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