Scuffle With Disasters

Have you ever thought that if we keep up the struggle with nature, mother nature wouldn’t forgive humanity for what they have done? At some point, the earth couldn’t carry us more: global warming, the melting of the glaciers, and the ethnic diversity decreasing day by day. They are all the outcomes of selfishness and greedy behaviors.


From the 1880s to the 2000s, the global temperature has increased by 2 degrees. This may seem a small number but the effects are not that small at all. The hot temperature causes glaciers to melt which leads to floods happening more often. The floods cause the destruction of towns and forests. When the forests have become an unlivable situation, most animals can’t stay life because of their destroyed habitats. Also, the trees obstruct landslides. If they’re also gone, the landslides will cause more demolition. This chain reaction goes through the depletion of the ozone layer. These terrible unnatural events have become extremely unstable and destructive over years. To prove that according to research the frequency of natural disasters has increased enormously. In 1900, there were less than 20 in a year. But in 2000 it reached over 400 in a year. And one other big challenge that we all should be very careful about it. The environmental pollution. Our streets, our forests, and our seas are dealing with garbage and plastic. Plastic is the cancer of nature. The microplastics on the surface of the ocean have increased like never seen before.


These all are not good signs for the course. But, besides these horrible events, as time goes by, people have become aware of the situation. Amount of organizations, charities, and projects to save the world and the future has risen. 23 top nonprofit organizations are working to save the world. The WWF has more than $375 million in net assets. It is not that late to save the world. But to save it, every human should cooperate in this struggle. Not the struggle with mother nature, the struggle to save the world.


To conclude, we must be aware that every piece of garbage that we took from the streets and throw in the bins, is priceless support for life in oceans and other habitats. Now, it is the time to cooperate and win against the struggle of saving the future.

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