Second Life

If I could live my life again
I’d try to make more mistakes,
I wouldn’t try to be so perfect,
I’d be more relaxed,
I’d be more true-to-life than I was.
In fact, I’d take fewer things seriously,
I’d be less hygienic,
I’d take more risks,
I’d take more trips,
I’d watch more sunsets,
I’d climb more mountains,
I’d swim more rivers,
I’d go to more places I’ve never been,
I’d eat more ice cream and less lime beans,
I’d have more real problems and less imaginary ones.
Jorge Luis Borges
Sometimes, although rare I am realizing that we have only one chance to live as well as being a child or youngsters. Mostly this makes me terrified but also motivates me to improve my life. With this poem, I decided to list “What should be my priorities?”
Firstly, I discerned that my body should be healthy enough to run properly or play in kindergarten because it is the only way to relish life. I was discussing eating healthily with my friends and one of my overweight friends said that she was coming to the world for once so she could eat whatever she wants. I think that it was unlogical because her body is not sturdy and agile as others, therefore, it makes her life slower and harder. After that, I purposed to travel to different cultures, countries, and cities due to my interests and relevancy. I renounced sluggishness. I know that I am such a lazy person that I can sleep for fifteen hours and these hours are the loss of my valuable lifetime. Unfortunately, some obstacles and toils are a great factor in great success [not in the only school also in my life]. Here my Jorge Luis Borges perspective:

If I could live my life again,
I would read and listen more instead of study
I would do things that I want
I would like to feel happiness, sadness, and anger more deeply.
I would watch sunsets in different cities
I would care myself more
I would keep going
I would not consider the consequences.
I would never forget something that once made me smile
I would never remove USB safely
I would like to forget what tired and pains feels like

As one scholar said everyone has two lives and the second life starts when we realize we have only one. “Memento Mori” means means “Remember that you are a mortal”.

memento mori ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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