If I knew this would happen to me, I wouldn’t answer that phone. Oh! You are new, right? Let me tell you the story from the beginning. I was just eating some cookies and watching TV. But then the lights turned off. I walked downstairs and looked at the electric panel. I opened the switch and turned on the electric. I was feeling something different, I was thirsty. I ran upstairs and opened the fridge. I saw a cake in the fridge with a note on it. “Don’t forget that today is your birthday!” Oh, I almost forgot that today was my birthday. Then I heard a strange noise from the basement. I was scared. I searched for a weapon and can you believe that I took a wooden spoon. I walked toward the basement door. I opened and turned on the light. And then my friends shouted: “Surprise!!!” They were here for my birthday. But eventually I was talking with 911 because of the sound and I was so scared that I hit my friend with the wooden spoon! 911 heard the sound and sent an ambulance here. They punished me because of hitting my friend with the wooden spoon. And now he is at the hospital.

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