Since its creation, human beings have been in a desire to believe in a god, power, in short, in order not to feel empty. However, as time progressed, these beliefs etc. It has been an inseparable part of most cultures today or not. It is even thought to have had the greatest influence in shaping societies, examples of which are mostly found in the Middle East and Asia, even today.

While most countries multiply their development every year due to today’s conditions, there are of course countries that are not very successful in this regard due to their location and different factors. When asked by the citizens what the obstacles to this development are, how true it is debatable, but it has been thought for a long time that it is a form of belief.

From a general point of view, the real problem arises when the main problem is not the belief system, but when we look at this issue in a radical way and add a pressured missionary work to it. This result, on the other hand, takes people under his protection and causes him to see his own belief and culture as superior to all cultures and beliefs in the world. In addition, it causes confusion and even a civil war in places that host people of different origins, such as Turkey. It is an example of how they approach other people in a provocative way, by declaring people who act with this radical thought as infidels by attaching everyone like themselves to religion only and approaching them with an opposite thought.

In fact, all the people in this world; If he had regarded matters of religion and belief as only a bond between God and man himself, and accepted that this bond was only between them, the problems experienced in history and unfortunately still effective today would never have arisen.

As I said at the beginning, humans have needed to believe in a god, a power, in order not to feel empty since they were created. And this connection to be established must be only between men and God. In an environment where everyone is at least approaching each other from this point of view, the probability of a debate over belief is almost equal to zero. Thus, people could not get caught up in such unnecessary details and achieve something for themselves and their country in common.

In short, if people show a provocative approach to each other due to factors such as religion-belief, this only shows how bigoted and closed to differences such people are. And it is mostly the symbol of how slavery. As a result of their radical attachment to their beliefs, they believe that only by dedicating themselves to religion can a region develop in that way. Therefore, in a society where there are people with this personality, neither turmoil nor internal conflicts will be lacking.

Unfortunately, this is the biggest reason why a country cannot develop. Because, no matter how hard we try, it is not possible for this point of view to change. Finally, this problem is the result of how blindly you are attached to something.

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