Secrets of Happiness

     The word happiness is the name given to the general feeling of being satisfied, pleasant, and contented. We smile when we are happy. When laughing, the hormones serotonin and dopamine are secreted. This, in turn, allows a person to feel much more energetic and approach events more positively. Happiness has been a concept that has been the target of philosophers’ interpretations since time immemorial, and as with many concepts, it is interpreted differently by many thinkers, and I think it is impossible to fit an abstract concept such as happiness into a few lines.
According to Socrates, one of the ancient Greek philosophers, happiness is not knowing. Plato, a student of Socrates, also wrote dialogues and passages that support this view. According to Aristotle, happiness and virtue are two concepts that mean the same thing. According to Aristotle, who defines happiness through the principle of “living well”, a person can be literally happy only if he lives a virtuous life.
     To me, the concept of Happiness is one of the most important characteristics that a person can have. Happiness is the feeling that gives life to the human body, takes someone’s color from the earth, someone’s color from the sky, someone’s color from the forest, gives meaning to the eye, and gives happiness to the heart. It is necessary to distinguish Decently between real happiness and fake happiness, and unfortunately one of the biggest problems of our time is not being able to make this distinction. Today, most people are looking for happiness in the wrong place. In a life where there are hundreds of clothes, thousands of shoes, jewelry, glasses, or luxury, only fake happiness can reciprocate
     But I think that true happiness is dreams hidden behind locked doors. The desire to achieve dreams, the happiness that every step taken for their dreams gives is very different.Happiness is the result of the fatigue that we feel every day working day and night for our dreams, goals. Happiness is the smell of a good coffee we drink. Happiness is actually the taste of a meal we eat. In other words, happiness should not be sought in such big things.
     As for Tolstoy, “Perhaps my happiness comes from this: I rejoice at what has happened to me, and I do not fall for what has not happened.”Of course, a person should be very pleased with what has happened to him, he should be constantly grateful, but I disagree with this idea, because I think that this way of thinking is a promise that brings a person one step closer to goallessness in life. Nowadays, many people have already become incapable of struggling with difficulties, because no one sees the difficult as a test that they need to pass, only as a punishment, and many people can put aside all their dreams in the first disappointment that they see, experience.
     To me, the moment when a person feels completely happy is the moment when he begins to strive for something that he feels is not himself. Every morning, nothing can replace the unique pleasure that the smallest progress he has seen in this business gives him to open his eyes with a whole new excitement, step in for the sake of the job he wants to accomplish on a whim, and then make. That’s why if we set a goal for ourselves that we don’t have, we should make it a goal instead of ignoring it.



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