Seeing Past or Helping Animals

The development of technology changed every single people. The development of mobile phones is one of the developments that changed human life more than others.  With mobile phones, people were able to get in touch with each other, gather information and connect with people from all around the world easily.

These mobile phones won’t work without any order. Applications are the programs that give the order to the devices. Applications are computer software packages that perform a specific function. So we, as customers, are using these applications to communicate. One of these applications is social media applications.

I think most of us uses social media today. I also think that you have seen some weird this-or-that polls even though you didn’t search for them. Would you select this animal or that animal, this room or that room, this superpower or that superpower? I bet when you see this type of question, you waited at least five seconds and thought about the question and which one would be the best option for you. Recently I saw one of these pools too. When I had seen this question I didn’t pay that much attention but after an hour it came to my mind again. The question was “Would you prefer to know the past of every object you touch or be able to communicate with animals?” Now I want you to think about this question.

One of the benefits of knowing the past of an object can be the support that this power can give to history. Imagine touching a fossil of a dinosaur and then seeing all the dinosaurs, the environment, what were they doing, how they were extinct. Imagine touching an old coin and seeing The Byzantine Empire, their culture, lifestyle. Imagine touching the Earth itself. You would see how Earth become a planet, the process, how axial tilt happened or you would maybe just see where did that piece of dirt come from. With this power, people will be able to see and explain the past, light up the darkness of the past.

Talking with the animals would help us to understand what they want actually. Knowing this will make it easier for us to help them. Being able to talk with your pet, understanding them and talking with them like they are one of us would bring the friendship between humans and animals to another level. Maybe if we could understand them as they mention their pain, people would be more sympathetic to animals and most of them would not be extinct now.

To sum up, seeing the past would help people to learn more about history while being able to talk with animals would help nature to maintain its normal form. I would select seeing the past of the objects since it will help us to uncover the mysteries of history. Also, I think in the future humanity will develop a machine that can translate what animals say before developing a time machine. So what are you thinking about this, seeing the past of the objects you touch or being able to communicate with animals?

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