Set Yourself Free

Discipline is freedom because it helps you to take your own steps. And I think that discipline is one of the most important characteristics a person can have. There are many live examples that show us how discipline pushed people through and made them more successful and happy in life.

Discipline is freedom because it teaches you how to do things in life and how to be independent. In my opinion, it’s essential for surviving in real life. There are many examples from life that can be given. For instance, a disciplined 15 year old wakes up every day, tidies his room and his bed, and makes himself breakfast without any help. Being disciplined taught him many things that he will need in life. Also, he can do things on his own, without the help of his parents or someone else, meaning that he’s an independent individual.

Discipline is freedom because it makes money and money makes you free. By being disciplined in life there’s a lot you can achieve. It’s sometimes money sometimes success and sometimes happiness you achieve (they are all the same thing to me). Today many rich and successful people such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and etc. owe their wealth to being disciplined. Students might be an example more from life. If you study hard and work in a disciplined way for your exams you’ll get high scores.  Being disciplined makes you happy too. Your life will be better and more organized if you have self-discipline.

Discipline is freedom because a disciplined mind frees you and makes you peaceful. By disciplining your mind you: organize your thoughts, get to have self-will and maintain your inner peace. A calm and peaceful mind is achieved by having a disciplined manner. It’s important to discipline your mind and organize your thoughts so that you have a quiet and serene mind away from confusion.

Discipline is freedom because it can give you everything you need. This makes an individual who is not dependent on someone or something. Discipline sets you free in general and is a good way to have a happy life. Discipline is freedom unless it’s too much. We all need getaways sometimes…

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