Sevdiğimiz Meslek

If people had chosen a profession in line with their hobbies, there would be no unhappy individuals around us, I agree with this view because most people do not like their jobs.Every person must do the profession that he likes or hobbies. For example, if a person’s Maths is very bad and he cannot go and teach mathematics to his students or anything. My opinion is that most people can’t do what they want because some families don’t allow it or whatsoever. Even if you do not have to work while trying to choose a profession, you should consider a profession you want to do. It’s easy to turn your hobbies or the things you love to do into work. Many of the hobbies are compatible with the needs and situations of the real world, that is, every person should have the profession he / she wants to be and start thinking about their hobbies and things they love.

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