Sexism In Society

The first humans emerged in Africa around two million years ago. Since then, woman’s jobs never changed even in the 21st-century people still think that women can only make cooking or they can just be moms. they can’t go to school they can’t get a job they just can wait for a man to ‘take’ them and get married. The only purpose of women is to get married. People always thought like that, but this is not true. First full before being women we are human too. These are the not only abilities that we can do. Every day, we see women being judged based on how they look. The use of language can tell us a lot about how society views women. There are lots of reasons behind most of the people make think like this but what are the most common ones?


Firstly, social relations and the integrity of the social structure. In society, they are dividing colors gender by gender. For example, pink is only for girls and blue is only for boys. Boy cannot wear pink. If we divide genders into small things like colors. Children would learn sexism and just divide into groups as boys and girls. Of course, genders have differences between them, but it is not mean we should divide in every place, every work, every age. Secondly especially in the middle east of Turkey people are just blaming women for no reason and they believe that women cannot do anything except housework.  these kinds of thoughts made women think that they are useless, but women never give up and the world has seen a lot of scientists like Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Lisa Meitner…


As a result, of course, genders have differences, and it is normal to have it but separating them and excluding one of them just creates an unfair situation. We have differences but we need equal rights and treatment. In every part of life, we can see sexism (at work, at school, in movies, etc..) we need to unnormalize it and we must accept to people that jobs or colors do not have any gender every people can do whatever they want. Now we have been going through lots of things, but we have still things that we need to fix. I believe that with the new generation these problems will decrease and finally, the new generation after us would never learn sexism.

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